The paper presents the results of a study on the creation of multilayer metallic materials for constructional purposes. Based on the literature review found that the main limiting factor in creating containers high and ultrahigh pressure are considerations for safe operation. One of the parameters that determine the safe and reliable operation is shatterproof bottle of destruction, which is defined by a set of high values ​​of impact strength and fracture toughness of the material. This explains the limited use of existing high-strength structural materials for lightweight high pressure cylinders. We show that a promising approach to solving the problem by creating seamless cylinders may be using multilayer (from one hundred to two thousand layers) materials based on structural steels. Preparation of such a structure, the material that is based on one of the metal may in particular if the initial composition involved alloys having different crystal structure. A characteristic of such materials is an unusual combination of mechanical properties. At very low ductility along the rolled stock in impact strength in the direction perpendicular to the rolling direction is significant. The investigation results, according to the author, give hope for the possible use of such materials for the manufacture of pressure vessels in the future.

About the authors

A. I Plokhikh

Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman


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